ISLAMABAD - The alliance of ruling PPP and PML-Q may face another jerk in coming days as Parliamentary Leader of Q-League and Federal Minister for Housing and Works, Faisal Saleh Hayat, has reportedly refused his leadership to withdraw his stance on corruption in Rental Power Plants (RPPs) case being heard in the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Sources told this scribe that PML-Q President Ch Shujat Hussain called on Faisal Saleh Hayat to discuss the case and share the grievances of their coalition partner, PPP, regarding Faisal's stance on RPP. However, the sources informed that Faisal during the meeting refused to backtrack from his stance and said that he raised this issue when they were not a part of the federal government. "I pointed out a corruption in a specific case that does not mean that I am working against the whole government. If their former water and power minister is not guilty, he should come to defend himself", the sources told while quoting Faisal Saleh Hayat. The sources added that Faisal argued that they joined ruling PPP for serving the nation and ensuring good governance and now backtracking from his stance would be against the slogan they made to become a part of federal government. The sources maintained that Faisal was of the view that his stance would not damage the political alliance and they would keep checking and ensuring the good governance. Meanwhile, a close friend of Faisal on condition of not to be named, when contacted, said that Faisal would continue working as Minister for Housing and Works and have no intention to resign from the federal cabinet. The sources further said that the PPP leadership has contacted Shujat regarding the case and Faisal's stance on the situation in the backdrop of which he called on Faisal. It is pertinent to mention here that this alliance faced the first jerk when a number of ministers from PML-Q submitted their resignations to their party chief Ch Shujat Hussain, saying that promises made before joining the cabinet were not being fulfilled by the PPP.