PERTH (APP) - Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani said Pakistan, the US and Afghanistan need to continue working on a joint strategy in the fight against terrorism. In an interview with SBS television here, the prime minister said: We need cooperation and we have to make a strategy to fight against them (terrorists). He said he discussed with leaders of member states of Commonwealth the need to win hearts and minds of people. We have to do something practically for them, because we have to go to the root cause of terrorism, which is poverty and illiteracy and we have to fight that. He said the US has already committed to building of Reconstruction Opportunity Zones (ROZs) in Pakistan and Afghanistan for public betterment. But we are expecting that they do it soon. Only military actions are not the solution and once you have a military action, you should have an exit strategy with a socioeconomic programme. About the Pak-US relations, he said, There is a realisation that they can understand our ground realities and I discussed with them that we need a political space so that we can fight better. And if there is no political space left for us, then individually no one can be able to perform well, till such time when we have the support of the masses. The prime minister said Pakistan has lost many people in fight against terrorism, which shows its resolve and commitment. We have lost about 30,000 people and 5,000 brave soldiers and how anybody can even doubt our intention. He said he discussed with the Australian prime minister the recent attacks on Australian and US forces in Afghanistan. It is bad news and we condemn this incident, he said adding, We are fighting against terrorism and extremism and we paid such a huge price and therefore we can't afford Nato forces defeat. We want them to win because we are directly affected by such incidents. To a question about the statements coming from Pentagon, he said Pentagon has its assessment and many statements come from the US and we don't want to answer each and every statement. We only deal things politically and through the Foreign Office. The prime minister said he met US Secretary Hillary Clinton during her visit to Pakistan. We had a lengthy meeting and we almost agreed on all points that they wanted. Pakistan and the United States have great cooperation in defence and intelligence sharing, he added. Gilani said the US wanted to win and Pakistan is ready to support any initiative of Afghanistan for any reconciliation. We are ready to support them as Pakistan is part of the solution. Therefore, we are ready to help them, he added.