ISLAMABAD - Major parliamentary opposition party Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) has decided to contact other political parties to make 'ground rules' in the public interest ahead of the next general elections. "PML-N is ready to form election alliance with all those political forces struggling not for the sake of power but want major challenges facing the country including fighting corruption tackled head on", Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly and PML-N central leader Ch Nisar Ali Khan said while addressing press conference here at the Punjab House on Monday. Nisar said that PML-N wants eradication of corruption from all the state institutions and would welcome every political force to join hands with the PML-N in its struggle to eradicate corruption from all the state institutions as a major policy issue of the party. He said PML-N is against the corruption of the sitting rulers not democratic dispensation and that is why it is targeting the PPP-led ruling coalition, adding the PML-N was currently trying to mobilise masses and would also stage a rally at Islamabad at an appropriate time. He said President Asif Ali Zardari had personal agenda rather than serving the country or its people saying the rampant corruption would lick the entire country if corruption was not eliminated. Nisar Khan said that when Shahbaz Sharif spoke about the corruption of Zardari, the PPP and its coalition partners reacted like a storm in a teacup and showed no reaction to Imran Khan who said the same thing. He said that the ' Go Zardari Go' campaign of PML (N) would continue all the country with full strength except the Moharram holidays. Nisar castigated Altaf Hussain for not taking of notice of violence the PML-N was being subjected in Sindh. Responding to a question regarding PTI's rally at Lahore, he said, "We had faced the bowling of Imran Khan earlier and now we are ready to face it. The success of one rally does not mean that he became a leader of national level. Gathering of people in one ground cannot change the political scenario of the country." He said that every leader of PML (N) declares his assets in the Election Commission every year. Now people are waiting to know about Imran Khan's wealth. He should tell the nation that how much money he is spending on the rallies and public meetings. He said that politicians and media are the two wheels of democratic process. Such words should not be doled out on PML (N), which they never spoke. He said that four days earlier his party held a rally at Lahore but its reaction form Zardari's aides was shocking. They used the language, which is not hidden from anyone. In the reply the offices of PML (N) were burnt at five cities of Sindh. "Although the government of Asif Zardari is democratic but we want to get rid of this mafia rule. They objected that Shahbaz Sharif used undemocratic language but they exercised such a cheap and shameful tone during last 36 hours that was never used in the political history of the country. "Those who are threatening PML (N) should also bring out the letter, which government wrote to Swiss court about the mental health of President Zardari. It is on the record that Altaf Hussain levelled the charges of corruption against Zardari in the recent past, but all of a sudden he became an angel for MQM. They could not reply to the statements of Dr Zulfiar Mirza, given under the oath of Holy Quran. The Supreme Court has also pointed out about the involvement of Altaf in getting extortion money", Nisar added.