KOT ADDU - The Kashmir jihad suffered unbearable losses due to ineffective policies of the Musharraf and present governments. This was stated by Muttahida Jihad Council Chairman Sayyad Sallahuddin in his public address at Mumtaz Park on Sunday evening. The supreme commander said that some 0.8 million Indian army personnel were present in Kashmir and they were killing, kidnapping the people. He said that despite Indian atrocities, the Teheek-e-Harriyat was continuing its struggle for freedom under the leadership of Sayyad Asad Gilani. The Kashmiri people are laying down their lives for our better tomorrow, but the governments response was callous. He said that all rivers were coming from Kashmir and if India succeeded in its plan to divert water flow from Pakistan to India, then Pakistan would become a desert. Salahuddin said that Kashmiri mujahideen were fighting to unite with Pakistan. He also gave presented gifts to the heirs of those martyred for the cause of Kashmir. Indian terror is continuing and mujahideen are fighting for their right to self-determination in light of the UN resolutions. The conference was also addressed by Pakistan Hizbul Mujahideen supreme commander Maulana Javed Qasori, Jamaat-e-Islami district chief Rana Umar Daraz Faooqui. The conference adopted resolutions and condemned the drone attacks by the US in Pakistans territory.