LAHORE Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Senior Vice Chairman Hamid Khan has sounded upbeat about his party ruling the centre in the next election. Talking to the media at the Lahore High Court Bar premises here Monday, Hamid Khan clearly ruled out any alliance with any political party which is in power at present and factored collapse everywhere and said, the PTI was still a part of the APDM which had boycotted the last election on the ground they would be fake, and would reach seats adjustment with its partners. Hamid Khan, also former President of the Supreme Court Bar Association who valiantly defied Musharrafs April 2002 referendum, said that the PTI had a huge support in the other three provinces and added, the partys rally in Khyber PK would be larger than that at the Minto Park. He said thousands of activists had come to the venue from Khyber PK and they wanted the Party to hold a rally there. Hamid Khan said they would also organise rallies in Karachi and the other provinces to let the world know that the PTI was a real entity and the people of Pakistani were determined to bring about change through it. To a question that whose vote banks the PTI has sliced to its side, Hamid Khan said it was wrong that the PTI was taking away the vote bank of either PML-N or PPP and added, 36 million new voters and 45 per cent voters which was turned out of the previous electoral roles, was the main strength of the PTI. He said the majority of supporters of PTI were in the age group of 18 to 30 who were committed to bring a change in the country under the leadership of Imran Khan. To a question whether his party would go with a demand of early election in the country, Hamid Khan said principally election should happen in November-December 2012 as per constitutional requirement to hold them 60 days earlier the previous actual time. Looking through another aspect, he said, election could not be held before March 2012 when the new computerized electoral roles would b ready as such they would not mind at all if election are held any time after March next year on the basis of new voters lists. He said those crying for election before March desired to employ the old voters lists which missed about 40 million voters hence could facilitate them to come to power again. Hamid said at present the most urgent need is to attend the woes of Balochistan people who no more trust the current ruling junta. He said the Baloch badly need to be brought to national folds and only PTI was capable of delivering on that. The PTI stands for breaking the system political of legacy. To a question whether the PTI has considerable support in rural areas, Hamid that Gujranwala meeting was a proof of the fact that PTI had also pierced deep into the rural areas as people in urban and rural areas were alike fed up with the ruling clique of the day. Hamid lamented that a huge number of the PTI supporters were held back outside the city while tractors wheels were deflated of those who were coming from Gujranwala to take part in the rally.