ISLAMABAD (APP) - Minister for Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan said Monday the government was considering several options to provide health insurance to the journalist community. Addressing media persons outside the Parliament, the minister said the government was in consultations with the representative committee of journalists community as how to arrange premium for providing health insurance to media persons. She said several options were being considered in this regard-either to make the news organisation to pay the seed money or the government should provide the mandatory amount for ensuring the facility. She also welcomed the Journalist Protection and Welfare Bill 2011, moved by 20 senators into the Senate, saying it would provide a legal cover to the rights of journalists community. She said some of the measures revealed in the bill were already being considered by the government, which believed in the freedom of expression and growth of media. Replying to a question about the chance of delay in availing facilities offered in the bill or the Journalist Protection Fund, the minister said seven-member committee working out regulations include a single representative of the government while the remaining members belonged to the journalist representation forums. The minister said the culture of red-tapism would not hinder the way for the journalists to avail the facilities. She said the government has planned a constitution of Journalist Protection Funds to give cover to the journalist community.