LAHORE Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that some political leaders are trying to gain popularity by repeating the demands made by PML-N regarding corruption and assets declarations by the politicians. In a statement issued Monday, he said that memory of the people was not weak and they could not be hoodwinked. The entire nation knew it well that PML-N was the only party demanding vociferously the return of looted public money from abroad and recovery of loans of billions of rupees waived off by the banks over the last many years, he added. Shahbaz said that so far as the announcement of assets of the politicians was concerned, it was on record that he had announced the details of all his assets on return to Pakistan after exile and after that the details of his assets was being submitted to official record every year, adding the same has been published in national press more than once. If these leaders (a reference to Imran Khan) consider the foreign assets virtually a crime, they should prove it by depositing the amount obtained by selling their house abroad in the national exchequer, he maintained.