Our Staff Reporter KARACHI - SBP Deputy Governor Muhammad Kamran Shehzad has stressed upon the Institute of Bankers in Pakistan (IBP) to shift conventional training programmes to modern training techniques. Similarly, new and emerging concepts should be included in the curricula in general and in customised training programnes, in particular, so that the institute could be able to do complete justice to the prime objective of its mandate ie the training of bankers. He said this while addressing the 60th Annual General Meeting of the IBP at its premises here. It is heartening to know that IBP has received accreditation from Chartered Banker UK for its banking qualification and has conducted different workshops in collaboration with the IFC, he added. He offered suggestions for enhancing the existing role of the IBP; such as to offer new on-line certification programmes for all the professionals who struggle to take time out owing to their pressing engagements. Conduct a Banking Conference preferably once a year or at most once in two years covering contemporary as well as emerging banking developments and issues. IBP needs to look for joining hands with other academic bodies especially those which offer banking programmes for arranging banking gettogethers for graduating candidates who intend to become bankers in future. As IBP aims to provide a strong technical training platform for on-going personal growth and a reliable yardstick for assessing the quality and depth of knowledge and skills acquired, it should also offer new dimensions of Soft Skills for bankers introduce Leadership and Strategic Management Programmes of international level for the senior executives of banks. The institute also needs to improve marketing of its new range of activities effectively, by initiating different measures and collaborations, to be peoples choice for banking qualifications. Well-trained and highly skilled people should be at the heart of IBP for producing the finest banking talent in the country, he said, adding that the IBP has a much larger role to play in the training and development of bankers today than before etc. Kamran said that the State Bank of Pakistan remains committed to providing all necessary support to IBP for peoples choice institute. He expressed the hope that banks will continue their support and encourage greater participation of their staff for acquiring professional education as well as for certificate-based training programmes. 'Banks need to utilize the institute for enhancing the skills of their resources in these tough times for the obvious reason; when economic revival begins, the banks should have the skills to expand their services, Kamran added. He said although the Institute is expanding its training suit, yet the pace is somewhat slow as reflected in small chunk of training revenues in the latest overall income. 'As the time progresses, the dynamics of the banking industry advance with the multiplier effect, he added.