OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE The Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) in collaboration with USAID has initiated a programme to install energy efficient tube wells for agriculturists. The LESCO spokesmen on Monday said that new tube wells would be installed in place of old and inefficient water pumps on 50 per cent subsidy which would be provided by the USAID. LESCO has established a special counter in companys regional customer services centres to provide information and directions to the agriculture customers. Applications will be received at these counters. The LESCO said that the farmers could change their old tube wells by paying half of the cost under this programme. The Company held that the change would not only give more than 20 per cent saving in electricity bills but also discourage wastage of electricity in agriculture sector. It will reduce cost of production of agriculture farming on one hand and help Pakistan to overcome the energy crises on the other hand. Initially, according to the LESCO, the facility was restricted only for replacement of old tube wells, however, a proposal is underway to extend the facility of 50 per cent financial support to agriculturists planning to install new water pumps. According to the USAID, the tube wells installed in Pakistan have become old and useless and are working with only 30 per cent efficiency.