LAHORE - PML-Q President Chaudhry Shujaat Husain says Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaafs Sunday public meeting in the Punjab capital was one of the biggest three held during the past 25 years. However, he said, it would not weaken the PPP-led coalition, nor was there any possibility of the general elections being held before time. Talking to TheNation on Monday, he said Benazir Bhuttos meeting in April 1986 and Gen Musharrafs one in connection with his election as president were the other two which would always be remembered as biggest gatherings. According to him, people from all walks of life had participated in the PTIs meeting. They included the rich as well as the poor. They had come on their own. Shujaat, who is also a former prime minister, ruled out the possibility of the PTI being able to launch a campaign against the government. He said it was true that a successful public meeting would have some psychological impact on the PTI rivals, but it would be short-lived. However, he said, the PML-N would be weakened as a result of Imran Khans rally and his future plans. He made it clear that the general elections would be held in 2013, when the present assemblies served out their five-year term. Shujaat said no party was in a position to mount pressure on the ruling coalition to hold immediate elections. When pointed out that Imran Khan believed that the elections could be held any time after March, he said it was his assessment, not governments. Answering a question, Shujaat said there was no immediate possibility of the formation of an anti-government alliance. But, he said the possibility could not be ruled out close to the polls. The PML-Q president claimed that his party was fully united and there was no question of any leader changing loyalty to join hands with the PTI or the PML-N.