ISLAMABAD (INP) - The Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) on Monday urged the Chief Justice of Pakistan to save the people of remote areas from the victimisation of LPG mafia. With the start of the winter season, black marketing of gas has started in the areas where there is no regular gas supply, leaving people with no option but to buy LPG to meet their energy requirements, said Dr Murtaza Mughal, president of the PEW. Different departments have failed to safeguard rights of masses by discouraging cartelisation and negative business practices in LPG sector, he said. Now people are looking towards Supreme Court to contain black marketing of LPG aimed at making windfall through exploitation, he said. The strong LPG mafia is known for bribing politicians to get relaxations and go scot free after creating artificial shortfalls, he said. Dr Mughal urged the Chief Justice Pakistan to take notice of the situation and take action against all elements discouraging LPG imports and ensure that LPG marketing companies sell commodity after issuing receipts.