Drones, drones and drones are everywhere but there is no one to check. Despite outright condemnation of the entire populace, the Americans continue to raid any spot in our FATA region particularly the North Waziristan Agency. The latest incident has taken place in Datta Khel area of Miranshah, killing six so-called suspects whose identity has still not been established. One is at a loss to understand that despite strong opposition from all shades of society as well as corps commanders how the Americans can still be using our airstrips and flying over all the way to North Waziristan unchecked. And then there is the claim that we have the capacity to shoot them down provided the government issues orders. What is more worrying is that Parliament passed a unanimous resolution, in a joint sitting, calling for an immediate end to the aerial killings of innocent civilians in the name of hitting terrorists. The resolution was followed by a meeting of formation commanders chaired by Chief of the Army Staff Gen Kayani in which it was resolved that these UAV raids were unacceptable. These two major decisions have gone unimplemented and drone strikes continue unhindered. There is also a consistent demand by the civil society, the media and political commentators that Pakistani authorities must reveal the actual terms of engagement with the United States and its military leadership as to what extent they are free to carry out such raids that cause immense collateral damage. If the government needs to establish its writ and genuinely wishes to stop these drone attacks, it must listen to what Pakistans Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Hussain Haroon, stated recently. Mr Hussain said that he could have raised the issue at the UN if the government in Islamabad had so desired. One would expect the government not to waste any more time and give a nod to him so that our concerns are brought before the international community. We seem to be afraid to do so for unknown reasons. Should we protect our national interests and save lives of our own citizens or should we continue to pander? It is time to decide - and act decisively - now.