The common man of Pakistan is not only wonder struck to see the holding of rallies one after the other these days bymajor political parties who are not in the government wherein millions of rupees are being spent in excelling each other but is also completely disappointed.There are host of problems being faced by the common man and the so-called democratically elected leaders instead of attending to or solving these problems, have embarked upon blaming each other to save their original faces.Every one knows that both the major parties have been in power more than twice and each time leaders of both the parties were involved in massive corruption.None of the leaders who have been in power is Mr Clean barring a few exceptions. So there is nouse of playing blame game. Each party has something to say about the other party which is mostly correct. However, there is no denying the fact that the present government has miserably failed to solve the problems of common man and the corruptionis rampant in the country. The major institutions of the country like PSM, PIA, WAPDA, Railways, OGDC, all ministries and now PCB are being headed by incompetent, inefficient and corrupt people. They are all either close relatives or friends of our democratically elected President Asif Ali Zardari. The merit has never been kept in view by this government while appointing people on key posts. Each institution is being run in loss and the government is being asked to release billions of rupees to give them life. Under such circumstances, the public very rightly desires a change with new faces in the government and wants to give a chance to Mr Imran Khan who has not been tried so far. He promises corruption free governance and elimination of terrorism within 90 days. He already has few feathers in his cap like excellent management of his cancer hospital and establishing a university in a backward area of Mianwali. As captain of Pakistan Cicket Team, he managed to win Cricket World Cup in 1992 due to his control over his team ensuring excellent discipline. There were no scandals of match fixing during his tenure as captain. The nation cannot wait till next elections in 2013 and every one feels that the country is going towards destruction at a very fastpace where Pakistan government is printing currency notes worth Rs 3 billions daily to sustain itself. This has caused sky rocketing prices of items of daily commodities. This government should not be allowed to continue till2013. The free and fair general elections must be held immediately under the supervision of Army and observers from the UNO to ensure transparency. This ispart of the democratic process. MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, October 30.