OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE A constitutional petition has been file din the Supreme Court of Pakistan against the unabated US drone attacks wherein innocent people have lost their lives in a large number. The petition has been filed by Watan Party through Barrister Zafarullah Khan inter alia contending that the state is responsible under Articles 9 and 14 of the Constitution to ensure protection to the life of the citizens as well as sovereignty of the state. That Pakistan is also signatory to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 which provides for every state to safeguard its citizens and in case any threat to them, approach the international forum. And Pakistan can get a remedy against the outrageous acts of US drone attacks wherein innocent people have been killed in a large number. The petitioner contends that America is going ahead with its designs against Pakistan on baseless charges and that the 9/11 was also based on false allegations which aimed at attacking Afghanistan and then Pakistan. America attacked Iraq on the pretext that Saddam Hussain possessed weapons of mass destruction, while the fact is US wanted to capture the oil resources of that country. The petitioner contends that the American drone attacks are a measure to widen the scope of assault on Pakistan for the sake of getting hold of the natural resources existed in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Bail granted in Sialkot case: The Lahore High Court Monday granted bail to the last accused person from among the policemen, in the lynching of two brothers in Sialkot in 2009. The court allowed bail to Constable Yasin following the grant of the same relief to the DPO and the six other policemen who were awarded jail sentence in differing terms in the case. The petitioner had pleaded that he was innocent in the case as he did not have any nexus with the occurrence. He prayed to the court to suspend his conviction and admit him to bail. It may be mentioned here that for the killing of Hafiz Mughees and Hafiz Muneeb, trial court Sialkot had convicted as many as 22 persons including eight policemen on the accusation that their negligence and inaction led the mob to kill the brothers and publicly hang their bodies on the polls. All the cops stand released on bail.