OUR STAFF REPORTER KARACHI - Trading Corporation of Pakistan awarded a contract for import of another 45,000 MT urea to M/s. Helm Dungmittel, Geneva against the tender opened on Oct 28 at the lowest quoted price of $538 PMT C&F, said a press release issued on Monday. The bidder initially quoted higher price in the tender but subsequently agreed, within the validity period, to match the lowest price of US & 538 PMT and supply the offered quantity of 45,000 MT at that rate. In view of the urgency of import of urea for Rabi 2011-12, the Federal Government has allowed special permission for matching the lowest bid received against the tender. With purchase of above additional quantity, the total import of urea against the tender opened on 28-10-2011 is worked out to be 260,000 MT. Fresh tender for import of the balance quantity of 440,000 MT has also been issued, with November 10, 2011 as the date for opening of bids.