RAJANPUR - Tibi Samiata, a village, of Jampur tehsil has become a safe haven for human trafficking as authorities have failed to wipe out this menace from the country. Destitute people, particularly children and women, are being enticed into lucrative opportunities, abducted and shifted to Tibi Samiata from other areas of the country for onward trafficking. A similar incident has come to the fore, in which a married woman from Lahore was tried to be trafficked on October 25, but luckily she escaped. Shehnaz, wife of Afzal Rjput, is a resident of Lahores Samanabad area. She says she fell unconscious after consuming a soft drink given to her by an unidentified lady. On October26, when I came to senses, I found myself being alighted from a car near Basti Lashari in Jampur. According to Shehnaz, a human traffickers racket comprising, Rafiq, Haji Amin, Ishaq, Allah Bachaya, Abdus Sattar, planned to sell her for Rs0.4million. But somewhat she managed to escape and reached the office of the DSP in Jampur. A case has been registered against the alleged abductors.