Last week more than 1,000 investors and 15 global leaders including Pakistani primer gathered for the ninth World Islamic Economic Forum in London. The forum was not in any Islamic country rather it was in United Kingdom a non Islamic country. It was funny for Muslims, when a statement published in news papers that UK will lead in Islamic finance. In statement it was said that UK prime minister will announce that the UK treasury is working on the practicalities of issuing a bond-like sukuk worth about £200million. Britain will be the first sovereign non-Muslim state to issue such Islamic bond.

There was a time when the Islamic states held clout over European and America and other countries but they have given in to their supremacy without a fight. One can imagine the power of the Islamic States after this forum, are we unable to conduct even a forum without sanctions of non Muslims countries? How can one expect that leaders of the Islamic world will lead the world?


Azad Kashmir, October 30.