Pakistan after 66 years is fighting for its very existence. By the community of world countries it is considered as the most dangerous place on earth. Anyone who wants to come to Pakistan is warned against entering the country due to high risk. The military and civilian setups that had the power and authority to manage the country are responsible for its present condition. They have failed miserably in implementing the vision of its founder Quaid-e-Azam, they only set out to promote their personal interest without any shame or remorse. They continue to loot the country’s wealth with both hands, deprive the people of their rights to education, healthcare and security. They rule the country as their personal estate.

Even the Colonial masters made roads and laid railway tracks which we are still using but our ruling elite and dictators only took the people’ money and invested it in other countries.

Now the thoughtful Pakistani is asking “What is the destiny of this floundering nation? The people hope for better future but see no light at the end of the tunnel. Instead of fighting the barbarous gangs and criminals, they are begging them for mercy! What is the purpose of having the sixth largest army in the world if it cannot establish writ of the state? Why does the army have to take permission from scoundrels, dishonest and low caliber politicians who are not real representatives of peoples but have come into power by spending their ill gotten gains and buying votes and using the corrupt system of elections in the country?


Lahore, October 28.