Not very long ago, there was a Pakistan known for its rich culture, natural beauty, ethnic diversity and the harmony this diversity enjoyed. It was where the majority lived with a sense of responsibility and tolerance towards fellow citizens. It was where mothers didn’t have to worry every time their kids stepped out and it was where most of the inhabitants could afford a meal.

Times have changed drastically in the last two decades. Today the Pakistan we live in gives an altogether different picture to the world and to us. The troubled circumstances have made each and every citizen familiar with the term ‘terrorism’ and ‘extremism’. Bomb blasts, suicide attacks, target killing and other crimes against humanity have at least taught this nation one thing, even if we don’t share common ideas, religion, background or social standing, it’s the brunt of our collective wrong that we share.

Rich or poor, Muslim or not we all suffered the same misery. And it’s not only us; it’s our homeland that goes through this every day. I, through this letter, urge everyone to save this hard-earned homeland of ours and do all we can in our limited capacities to save it from further destruction. Waiting for a Messiah just won’t help.


Islamabad, October 30.