Muharram is the first month of our Islamic year in which Hazart Imam Hussain (RA) gave remarkable lesson of patience and tolerance. The first ten days of Muharram are considered very important, as the battle of Karbala ended on 10 of Muharram. I remember that our parents used to welcome this month with respect and would distribute Niaz and Langar and to participate in Muharram activities. During Muharram, they remembered the challenges Imam Hussain (RA) faced during battle of Karbala, he displayed patience, tolerance and the sacrifices he gave in the way of Allah remain as beacons for all of us.

The older generation banned movies, listening to songs or any other activity which would show outward disregard for Muharram. Weddings were banned in this month as well as in the month of Safar. On 10 of Muharram, our elders used to participate in the Muharram Jaloos by having small stalls on the road side to give water to the people participating. Muharram was full of Islamic activities for both Shiah and Sunnih’s. I have no words to express the feelings when I watched this as a child, now these activities are lost somewhere and we are busy in our lives and have forgotten to respect this occasion. Now Muharram is the on-come of violence and deaths, it saddens me to see the road we have travelled, instead of growing strong and progressing, we have reverted back to the era before Islam.


Quetta, October 28.