Flagrant and aggressive cross border violations by India warrants that Pakistan’s state institutions work together to forge unity within our ranks. It is vital for national security and for success of Pakistan’s role in the ‘War Against Terror,’ that international community must ensure that tensions on our Eastern border are diffused. Similarly we need to eliminate sectarian terrorist gangs, allegedly involved in criminal acts across our border with Iran.

As a nation we must understand that it is in our national interest that criminal armed private militias, patronized and funded by sectarian and other extremist organization, working in the garb of religion, be eliminated and under no circumstances should they be allowed to resurface. It also does not serve our national interest to allow political parties to indulge in political saber rattling to gain cheap popularity, especially by political leaders with dual nationality, or those whose children hold foreign nationality, because having pledged oath of loyalty to another country they are bound to serve their interests. This country must understand that public office holders, political leadership, including members of security establishment, must not have a ‘Conflict of Interest’, having either pledged an ‘Oath of Loyalty’ to another country or are in the process, having relocated their assets there.


UAE, October 23.