Sher Gondal


Jamaat-e-Islami senator Prof Ibrahim has said that there is no rule of law in the country as the rulers have made law of the land their subservient. “Widespread injustice behind all prevailing problems in the country.”

Senator Prof Ibrahim was addressing the member of Mandi Bahauddin DBA here the other day.

Tracing history of the Constitution, the JI leader said that at Pak-India partition, assembly was divided into two - one for India and the other of Pakistan. Our assembly did not frame constitution with in stipulated time of two years and continued to run state matters according the Act 1935. However, they included a preamble according to which every law enacted should be in accordance and consonance with teachings of Islam. He said that on the other hand, India framed their constitution and conducted state affairs smoothly. He regretted that the forefathers did not give us constitution in time due to which the nation suffered.

Prof Ibrahim said that elections should be held on proportion basis while no candidate should be fielded to contest election and voters should cast votes in favour of parties. On the basis of number of votes secured by parties, number of seats should be determined and these seats should be filled by members elected by their respective parties,” he pointed out.

He criticized the Protection Bill passed by Parliament in 2014 as it undermined fundamental rights of the citizens.  He claimed that this ordinance had given unlimited power to security forces including army. “Under the cover of this ordinance innocent people suspected of their anti-state activities are arrested and killed before producing them in court,” he regretted, adding that the JI was the only party that opposed this ordinance and later challenged it in the court.

The JI senator lamented that it was unfortunate that the country was being ruled by dynastic politicians. “They are master of the parties and if top leader dies his son or daughter succeed him,” Prof Ibrahim elaborated. He claimed that in this respect, Jamaat-e-Islami was the only party where office bearers at each level were elected on merit.

To a question, he pointed out that some people alleged that JI acted as B team of Martial Laws and blamed for joining military governments, justifying that whatever the JI had done been always for defending the country and public interest. “It is astonishing that people do not blame a team which has been responsible for coups and establish military dictatorship,” he regretted.

To another question about t JI’s opposition to relations with countries of the region, he termed it merely a ‘wrong perception.’ He asserted that his party never debarred the government to have good relations with neighbouring countries on the west and south west, blaming that the successive rulers always preferred to have good relations with US for “what he described” taking dollars.

The stalwart declared when the rule of law weakened, people’s basic rights were always violated, adding that it was the duty of lawyers to initiate movement for restoration and enforcement of the rule of law. “Currently the country is stuck under chaos and basic human rights are not being protected. There was no social justice and poverty was hitting people hard,” he said.

He declared that the JI believed in democracy and supremacy of law and asked the people to support it if they wanted e to make the country prosperous and stable.