ISLAMABAD - Beaconite Jibreel Hamed Rana was awarded black belt in karate, after six years of rigorous training, grit and discipline in martial arts.

Jibreel, 11-year-old karate enthusiast of Beaconhouse Margalla Campus Islamabad, practiced three times a week before being considered ready for the top-most award in this particular oriental discipline, the black belt.

Talented student of class 6Y was the proud recipient of full professional karate black belt rank 1st Dan. Head coach Sensai Qasim Suleman and federal coach of Shotokan Karate International in Pakistan Sensai Akram Khan awarded Jibreel belt after successfully completing a two and a half hour exam testing his fitness, discipline and combative skills.

This top award makes Jibreel a part of an incredibly small community of karate black belts who are not only able to exhibit karate throughout the world, but also to instruct other novices who wish to make their mark in this challenging domain.

Beaconhouse School Systems has been a consistent advocate of promoting sports and martial arts in all its branches across Pakistan and overseas. It continues to lend its support to initiatives like these that challenge students physically as well as mentally.