LAHORE - Commenting on the punishment awarded to Gullu Butt on smashing windscreens of vehicles, PPP’s central Punjab President, Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo has raised the question why those involved in murdering 14 PAT workers were not being penalised.

“They are still free as the iron hand of law had failed to grab them by the neck to bring them to justice”, he observed in a statement.

Expressing PPP’s resolve to fight for the right of victims of the Model Town incident, Wattoo observed that it was the travesty of justice and the people would start hating such a justice system which was essentially discriminatory in nature.

The PPP leader maintained that fair application of law was the basis of a civilised society as the discrimination in the enforcement of law will tantamount to the law of jungle where might is always right.

He remarked that societies may survive under an autocratic rule but not in a system with flawed system of justice.