Kaley Cuoco has advised people to revert back to film cameras in the wake of the most recent celebrity nude photo leak scandal.

The 28-year-old Big Bang Theory actress was one of the many victims of the most recent celebrity nude photo leak, which saw intimate pictures of actors like Jennifer Lawrence and others published online without permission.

And now Kaley has come up with a few words of advice for folks concerned about the privacy of their own nude images. ‘Don’t take naked photos. That would be a good start. How about that?’ she mused in an interview with Extra. ‘Just so everyone knows a lot of those were not real, a lot were completely fake, if you look closely… Just don’t take pictures. I’ve now taken to Polaroid cameras, so I just carry a big Polaroid around my neck, self-aroid, that’s what I do now. No one can get those. Polaroid cameras, that’s the way to go.’

Kaley has been married to her husband Ryan Sweeting since September 2013 and recently rumours she is pregnant have been heating up. But the innovative star suspects the media is wishy-washy on the subject of expectancy. ‘What’s the deal? Why do people want that to happen? And then the minute it happens, they’ll be like, ‘Can’t believe she’s pregnant, she should’ve waited!’’ Kaley surmised. ‘Minute that happens, they’ll rip me about that.

‘What’s she thinking? They’ve only been married a year.’’ Kaley has a number of things to celebrate this week, as she received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Wednesday.