a difference of opinion

A:    Finally! Behind bars! Maybe now his upturned mustache will wilt a little.

S:    You seem awfully cheered up about the verdict.

A:    I am! People like him, these goons with political backing, always manage to escape justice.

S:    Ah! Justice! So you feel ‘justice’ has been served?

A:    You disagree? How can you possibly look at it any other way? Don’t tell me you’ve fallen victim to his irresistible charisma and Punjabi macho man appearance!

S:    Firstly, that look is a classic. Anyone who doesn’t find it appealing should get themselves checked. Secondly, it’s completely irrelevant. While I agree that he got what he deserved, I wouldn’t use the word justice with the same enthusiasm as you did just now.

A:    Why not?

S:    Because that man, despicable as he may be, is far too down the food chain. You’ve caught a rat, but the sharks are still out there looking for more. And what’s more, those black uniformed idiots who were watching and cheering Gullu Butt as he revealed his apparently deep-seated grudge against innocent cars, go scot-free. Not to mention, those politicians who invited Gullu Butt to the party and let him lose. I don’t see them going to jail either.

A:    One can always count on you to ruin a perfect moment. At least, they got someone this time. We’ll get the rest later. You have to start from somewhere, don’t you?

S:    Yes. But how come we always start from the very bottom and then hit the brakes. This too doesn’t seem like an exceptional development in the making. He’s a scapegoat, that’s all.

A:    Not necessarily. If we remain persistent, I mean as a people, maybe we can build enough pressure and momentum to nab all of them.

S:    No, we won’t. Look at you, look at the media, everyone is just so very happy and easily satisfied.

A:    I know, I know. Just let me revel in the moment, will you?

S:    Knock yourself out, kid.