At least 16 persons were injured in fisticuffs, quarrels and use of firearms during polling for the local bodies in different areas on Saturday. The scuffles also interrupted polling at various polling stations intermittently.

A polling station in Ward No-20 Kasur turned into a battle field when fight erupted between supporters of the ruling party candidate and supporters of independent candidates. Five people: Naseer Ahmed, Touqeer Ahmed, Mirza Zaman, Mirza Sagheer and Mirza Ehtisham sustained multiple injuries due to free use of knives and aerial firing. The injured are believed to be supporters of PML-N candidate Hafiz Abdul Rasheed. Two of them were later referred to a Lahore hospital due to their critical condition. However, the police arrived at the scene and brought the situation under control. The police also arrested three persons on charges of aerial firing and knife attack. In Ward No-7 Kasur, supporters of PML-N candidate Amjad Ali Tarar and independent candidate Chaudhry Imtiaz Ali used sticks, clubs and bricks against each other. The clash left independent candidate Chaudhry Imtiaz Ali with injuries. Fighting was also witnessed in Ward No-46 where supporters of two candidates that left one Ramzan. Several persons were injured in UC-9 when supporters of PML-N candidate Chaudhry Illyas fought with the people of Independent candidate Chaudhry Anwer Muqarrab. Six supporters of the PML-N candidate including Chaudhry Illyas Haroon, Numbardar Abdul Aleem, Waseem Iqbal, Ismael and Amir Iqbal were injured due to open use of bricks and sticks.

Similarly, in UC-27 Humeywal, supporters of PTI candidate Sardar Farooq resorted to firing during a clash with rival candidate’s supporter. The police arrested one Shabbir Meo along with his rifle. Polling process had to be stopped at different polling stations due to scuffles while the police also baton charged political workers over creating rumpus at a polling station.

In Pakpattan, three persons were injured when two groups clashed during local bodies election at a polling station of Chak 36/sp. The police arrested a candidate for the slot of chairman. On the other hands, the PTI supporters staged a protest at the polling station of colony area. They blamed that presiding officer allegedly supported the PML-N candidates.