It is evident that mostly there are fissures and conflicts between two neighboring counties such as North Korea and South Korea, Iran and Iraq, USA and Cuba etc all these countries are trending to normalcy to some extent in one way or other but, with each passing day, the unease between Pakistan and India is growing out of proportion. Both the countries have most populace is which downtrodden and living in worst poverty, in some quarters people are dying of hunger and thirst in both countries. The only cause of the conflict is; few groups of groups don’t want to maintain peace in the region. On the contrary there are peace-mongers like Mr Sudheenra Kulkarni across borders who despite being assaulted by hate-mongers like Shiv Sena group hoist the flag of talk rather than torture.

It was really awful to notice that face of Sudheenra Kulkarni was smeared with black ink for organizing the book launching ceremony of Pakistan`s former foreign minister. However the launch of Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri’s book “Neither a Hawk nor a Dove: An Insider’s Account of Pakistan’s Foreign Policy” was carried out after that incident. These are few of these incidents happened over years yet people have planted seeds of hope of eternal peace .At this point in time, we have heritage of hatred and awful message to pass to our coming generations. We must learn from Europe, all the countries crushed each other in World War-II but their togetherness is triumph of rationality as we see it. We must set our paths right and move on with peace.


Hyderabad, October 14.