Assistant Commissioner Ch Ali Atif Buttar has lauded Ulema, journalists, elected representatives, traders, citizens and the members of peace committees for maintaining law and order situation on Youm-e-Ashur.

Talking to journalists here on Tuesday, he said that people of the Tehsil had set an example of religious harmony, brotherhood, tolerance and unity among all the segments of the society and proved that they were peace-loving citizens.

He said that journalists also paid glorious services and remained in the processions along with the administration till the termination of the processions and filed positive stories to their channels and newspapers. He said that Ashura passed peacefully because of better security arrangements and the services of the officials of all departments. The AC appreciated the tehsil administration for providing better municipal services to the mourners.

Buttar said that TMA and other institutions also played an active and vibrant role for the implementation of the measures under security plan for Youm-e-Ashur.

Farmers need govt attention: The monitoring system in the Agriculture Department has totally failed to check performance of the officers towards the betterment of agriculture and farmers.

The officers failed to check the rising prices of agri inputs which have gone out of the farmers reach. It is right time for farmers to come forward and make a strategy to get their rights regarding facilities, inputs provided by the department. Kissan Board Pakistan (KBP) Noorpur Thal chapter organizer Tariq Masood Ayaz stated at a meeting of the local farmers. He claimed that in Thal, officers are working at their own ‘will’ while ignoring problems of the local farmers. He demanded the Punjab Chief Minister to take quick action for the betterment of the farmers of Thal.