LAHORE - Energy efficiency can help Pakistan overcome ongoing energy crisis by saving thousands of megawatts of electricity, millions of litres of fuel and around 40 percent of natural gas.

Pakistan Businessmen and Intellectuals Forum (PBIF) President Mian Zahid Hussain here Saturday said that China was consuming double electricity than Japan to produce anything; therefore, the country had been spending 1.6 trillion dollars to improve energy efficiency. Globally, he added, buildings infrastructures consumed around 48 percent of total power output with share of commercial buildings at eight percent, while in Pakistan buildings consumed 55 percent of the total electricity output.

Almost half of the electricity consumed by buildings could be saved for which Pakistan needed to follow conservation laws as adopted in the EU (European Union), he added.

The PBIF President said that private and public sector’s power plants were wasting a lot of natural gas, which if saved would reduce wastage, electricity tariff, cost of doing business, unemployment and revolutionise energy situation of the country.

He cited that a lot of industries had installed boilers but the heat emitting from the boilers was being wasted, but replacement of these boilers with combined heat and power units could help country save energy worth billions of dollars which would ensure industrial expansion, reduce price of commodities and enable a lot of products to compete in the international market.

Zahid Hussain claimed that generating electricity with bagasse was three decades old idea as using the dry dusty pulp that remained after juice was extracted from sugarcane or similar plants could be used to forge paper which was more beneficial.

The PBIF President urged the government to expedite the process of promoting energy efficiency in public and private sector.