ISLAMABAD: With the separation of Imran Khan and Reham Khan, the latter's team is also out from Bani Gala while the old confidants of the former are preparing themselves to get back their old portfolios in the spacious residence of PTI chief, The Nation has learnt. PTI chief Imran Khan and her wife Reham Khan the other day had announced to part their ways only 10 months after they tied the knot in January this year.

While Reham Khan had stepped in the vast residence of Imran in the hilly area of Bani Gala in the outskirt of the capital, she had replaced some old employees of Imran with the new ones to hold complete grip of a house from where the country's major opposition party used to run its affairs. Background interviews with some key PTI leaders indicate that the old employees of Imran were very disturbed over this action until some senior PTI leaders adjusted them at some other offices of the party.

On Saturday, Information Secretary PTI and a close confidant of PTI chief, Naeemul Haq barred the personal staff of Reham Khan from going to Bani Gala and they were asked to meet him at the Central Information Secretariat of the party located at Embassy Road of the capital. "The personal staff of Reham Khan comprises a personal secretary, a female make-up artist and a driver," an office bearer of PTI Central Information Secretariat said adding Naeem ul Haq told them that their services were no more required.

Imran's residence is also without a cook these days as the person Reham had appointed as a new cook has also left the job after her owner's unceremonious departure from there. Reham Khan after taking control of Bani Gala residence had replaced the old cook of Imran namely Sajawal Khan with a new one who belonged to Chitral. Sajawal Khan remained with Imran for more than two decades but he was asked some months back to leave Bani Gala due to disliking of Reham. Imran had offered him two years advance salary to quit his job. However, Naeemul Haq gave him the same job in the central information secretariat. According to PTI sources, Sajawal would soon get his job back at Bani Gala .

Tahir Iqbal was another person who remained personal secretary of Khan since 1996 but he had to quit his job after Reham's arrival in Bani Gala . However, a senior PTI leader had also made his adjustment and he had been asked to perform his duties at the party's central secretariat. It is likely that he would soon get back his old portfolio in the next coming days. A young Lahore-based businessman was also very closely associated with Bani Gala and he will be under fire in the next coming days as according to some party sources, he had also become a close confidant of Reham and some party leaders were annoyed with him. He had started bypassing a senior PTI leader because of his close association with Reham.

Background discussions with some PTI leaders reveal that former information secretary PTI Dr Shireeen Mazari may get some important portfolio in future as she had been removed from the position of her previous position on the insistence of Reham. However, Imran had appointed Dr Mazari as his spokesperson, which is also an important position in the party. A source in PTI said that Reham Khan had brought her own furniture to Bani Gala and perhaps she will take it back to some other place.

The news of the separation of Imran Khan and Reham Khan the other day had got attention of media after Naeemul Haq issued a statement that both have decided to separate each other in a peaceful manner. Later, Chairman Imran Khan in a statement had barred all leadership of the party from commenting on the separation issue.