Jamaat-e-Islami Punjab Ameer Mian Maqsood Ahmad has said that the plight of earthquake affectees have multiplied with the beginning of winter, asking the government and nation to step forward and donate generously for supporting the victims.

In a statement issued here on Saturday, he added that the weather forecast suggested that heavy rains and snowfall could start in hilly areas of Pakistan. He said that the residents of hilly areas were storing edibles at their homes for the winters when the earthquake hit Pakistan.

“The edibles have become useless after coming under rubble while the water of fountains has also become muddy. The outbreak of cholera and hepatitis are feared in quake hit areas,” he pointed out. He said that the earthquake victims needed food, clean water, medicines, warm clothes and blankets at large scale. He pointed out that many people were still trapped under the rubble in far flung areas of KPK as no rescue workers or NGOs could approach them due to broken roads.

He regretted that the affectees were forced to live under open sky in very cold weather but the rulers did nothing for them except to expressing sympathies with the affectees. He asked the people of Pakistan to step forward and support their brothers and sisters in need.