BEIJING: As many as 180 members of the UN General Assembly have shown confidence in China, by electing it as a member of the Human Rights Council for the fourth time, said Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying here at a press conference.

China’s re-election for three year term speaks volumes for credit given by the international community to China for its achievement in developing human rights and activeness in conducting international communication and cooperation on human rights, enabling China to get more involved in international cooperation in this regard.

Taking the re-election as an opportunity, China will carry forward the spirit of equality, mutual trust, mutual learning and win-win cooperation, take a full part in global human rights governance, faithfully fulfill its international obligations in human rights, advance human rights communication and cooperation with foreign countries and make greater contribution to the international human rights cause, she added.

To a question about Syrian issue, the spokesperson retreated China’s position stating that the Syrian issue can only be resolved through political means, and the international community should stay united, enhance communication, shelve the difference, support the major role of the UN in mediation and make joint endeavor for the political settlement of the Syrian issue.