Islamabad - Islamabad police and other law-enforcement agencies are continuing siege around Imran Khan’s Bani Gala residence as all roads leading to the area have been blocked or excavated to foil opposition party’s plan of November 2 lockdown.

Around five roads leading to the residence of PTI chief have been blocked by deputing 900 personnel of law-enforcing agencies. According to reports, 150 personnel of law-enforcement agencies have been deputed at Korang Road, 150 at Bani Gala Road, 200 at Imran Khan Chowk, 100 at Kalma Chowk, and 300 in the jungle around the house of Imran Khan. However, the PTI workers continued pouring into the party Chief’s residence whole the day through unpaved routes up to the residence. Under the new strategy, the city district administration has dug out roads leading to Bani Gala from different points so that vehicles could not reach Imran’s residence.

Similarly, 180 personnel have been deputed at Motorway Chowk; dozens of containers have been parked at Tarnol Phatak along with 350 personnel; Sangjani Bridge has also been blocked by placing dozens of containers and deploying 120 personnel while 250 police personnel have been deputed at Taxila.

In view of the PTI workers’ thrust at Haroon Abad Bridge at Punjab-KP border to reach Islamabad, the government has also decided to seal Red Zone. Heavy police and FC will be deployed in the area to deter protesters. Containers would be placed on the roads leading to the area housing parliament house, Supreme Court and other important installations. Police have been deployed near Golra Mor at Kashmir Highway. Containers have also been placed at the spot to restrict movement of road-users in view of PTI workers’ influx. Police are strictly checking vehicles in search of PTI workers.  

Islamabad police have prepared a list comprising names of 94 PTI leaders including party chief Imran Khan, Jehangir Tareen, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Aleem Khan, Asad Umer, Azam Khan Swati and local leaders who might be arrested to frustrate PTI’s plans. However, no central leader of PTI was arrested in the day.  The Bani Gala area was peaceful in the morning and sound system has also been installed near entrance barrier. Around 550 PTI workers are camping outside the residence of the party chief.  

Meanwhile, the police briefly detained two PTI leaders; Arif Alvi and Imran Ismail at a barrier near Bani Gala. Both were released on the intervention of the interior minister. The police shifted member Punjab Assembly Rahila Anwar and 6 other arrested women of PTI to women police station Islamabad.

Sources in the police said during the previous four days, 319 PTI workers have been arrested from different parts of the city. Eighteen FIRs have been registered against the PTI workers while one against 8 workers of PML-Q so far in police stations as Bhara Kahu, Secretariat, Bani Gala, Shehzad Town, Koral, Kohsar and Golra.

Meanwhile, Bhara Kahu police have registered a case against provincial minister Ali Amin Gundapur, Allah Nawaz of DI Khan and others over carrying weapons, tear gas gun, ammunition, bullet proof jacket and a wine bottle on Sunday. The case has been registered under section 13/20/65-AO; 145, 188, 143, 144, 440 of the PPC. Sources in the police said three out of six persons arrested besides Gundapur are from KP police. They were on guard duty with Gundapur while the local police suspected that the recovered weapons are also of KPK police.