ISLAMABAD - The Federal Interior Ministry and PTI-led KP government are in a war of words over the deployment of Frontier Constabulary (FC) personnel, a paramilitary federal force, in the capital to thwart Islamabad lockdown attempt.

The Interior Ministry had turned down a request of the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa that the KP should be given FC personnel back keeping in view the volatile security situation of the province. The IGP KP has made this demand in a letter written to the Interior Ministry. FC is a federal force and the Interior Ministry has the administrative powers to deploy it in any province to assist the local police while major deployment of the force is in KP.

In response to the letter of KP police chief, the ministry, while turning down the request, has said that the FC personnel called from KP in Islamabad would perform their duties till situation in the federal capital would become normal.

“The FC personnel would be sent back to KP to assist the provincial police soon after the situation of the capital would become normal,” the spokesman of the Interior Ministry said while referring the letter.

"Being a responsible police officer, you yourself should tell if you were the IGP of Islamabad and an armed mob would make hostage the capital keeping aside all principles of law and threaten to cripple the lives of citizens, what would be your reaction,” the ministry said in the letter.

"Whether you might not make steps for the protection of basic rights of citizens and for the rule of law," it said. The letter said that FC enforcements had been called from KP keeping in view the security situation of Islamabad and the Interior Ministry was aware of the security problems of province as well.

In a separate letter written by Secretary Interior Arif Ahmed Khan to Chief Secretary KP Abid Saeed, the former has asked the latter to take all necessary measures to prevent any unlawful congregations within KP jurisdiction and also take effective steps to stop movement of organised and armed mob towards Islamabad as part of November 2 protest of PTI.

"Not discharging this responsibility shall amount to a violation of the constitutional obligations of the provincial government for which it shall be responsible,” the letter said and added: "I would therefore, urge you to kindly bring the above to the attention of provincial cabinet and the chief minister with the advice of this Ministry to adhere to constitutional obligations".

The letter said that various intelligence reports have indicated the intention of select group to march on to Islamabad on November 2, 2016 from KP with a declared intention of paralysing and holding hostage the people and government institutions working in the capital. "It is also learnt that certain KP cabinet ministers and members of the provincial assembly intend to lead some of these processions along with their official and personal armed body guards," it added. The ministry said if it happened, it would be a grave violation of law in complete breach of public order since the administration of Federal Capital and Interior Ministry had not accorded approval for any such protest in Islamabad.

"Given the serious security and terror threats confronted at the moment, an added dimension is also clearly present against any such congregation," the letter said.