Donald Trump has come up with an unconstitutional plan for America. If elected President, he says he may establish a national database registry of all Muslim Americans, who will all be required to register. He also stated that Muslims might be required to wear special identification on their clothing, which reminded me of the Yellow Star of David worn by Jews in Europe during the Nazi period.

And finally he said no Muslims would be allowed to enter or re-enter USA, except armed forces personnel, “temporarily” should he become US President. He has now said he believes in “extreme vetting,” of those from States that have terrorism concerns, which definitely includes Pakistan. His ideas go against at least 3 clauses of the US Constitution.

Donald Trump’s comments that he saw thousands of Muslims cheering after the September 11, 2001 attacks in New Jersey were completely fabricated. The truth is that the only people cheering and backslapping after the twin towers were hit were a group of Israelis. They were questioned by the FBI and deported back to Israel. As for Palestinians cheering in the Middle East, why not? USA supplies Israel with most of its military hardware and gives it economic aid, with which to sustain the occupation, and kill Palestinians via F-16’s and Apache helicopters (and artillery) all round the year.

Now Donald Trump says no Muslim judge could ever give him a fair hearing in any case before the fictitious Muslim judge.

As for Ben Carson suggesting that a Muslim could not become US President, however unlikely, that implies a religious test for public office which the US Constitution specifically prohibits. He also called Syrian refugees “rabid dogs”.


USA, September 29.