ISLAMABAD - Grilling the PML-N government for blocking inter-provincial arteries, the APML leaders have said such moves would further alienate the smaller provinces and weaken the federation.

APML Secretary General Dr Mohammad Amjad and Chief Coordinator Ahmad Raza Kasuri yesterday said that the ruling PML-N just to save Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif from the Panama leaks probe had created the situation where the Khyber Pakhtunkhawa government came in confrontation with the Centre, posing serious threats to the federation.

At a press conference, the All Pakistan Muslim League leaders said that due to the blockade of roads a serving lieutenant colonel lost his life while a major sustained critical injuries. “Blocking roads is tantamount to undermining national defence,” said the leaders, who belong to the political party of Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf.

They added that the federal government in sheer panic has cut Punjab from rest of the three provinces.

The APML leaders said that the federal government was using state machinery to stop the protest which is the constitutional right of any political party. “Government officers are given instructions against the constitution that may jeopardise their future.

“The government is pushing the country into civil war like situation,” they claimed. Pledging their full support to Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf for November 2 lockdown, they said APML would announce joining the protest after consultation with party members. “Our party is monitoring the whole situation minutely, and the way government is trying to stop the protest will be detrimental for the country as well as the future of democracy,” they added.

Referring to the high-level security meeting information leak, they termed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif as ‘security risk’ and demanded his trial under Article 6 of the constitution.

They demanded of the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take suo moto notice of the ‘security meeting leaks’ as the news story was not only concocted but it also served agenda of the enemies to this country. “We hope that the Supreme Court of Pakistan will do justice by bringing the real culprits in causing damage to the country to book.”

To a question, the APML leaders replied that not a single allegation against Musharraf has been proved. “Criticism on Gen (r) Musharraf’s non-appearance before the courts is not justified as he is facing security threats as well. Musharraf will return to the country only when the situation comes to normalcy,” they told the media.