Education is the moving from darkness to light, but in Pakistan, the precious lives of children are being destroyed by the government because it is not paying any attention towards educational improvement. 

Recently, a report was shown by Pakistan Education Atlas 2016, that 36,408 primary schools are being run by one teacher and it is very grievous that Balochistan tops this lists to have 54 percent of its schools with a single teacher, in Sindh, 54 percent pf primary schools have only one teacher, in KPK this figure stands at 19 percent and in Punjab at 15 percent. Unfortunately, Pakistan is the second country after Nigeria where more than 6.1 million children are out of primary schools; there are 124,070 schools for children. 

Moreover, the people of Balochistan and Sindh are facing several educational and healthcare problems and it is very loathsome to mention that both provinces of Pakistan are overlooked by the federal and provincial governments. This is my humble request to the Education Minister of Pakistan to bring the out-of-school children into schools and provide all the foundation facilities to all the schools where students must not face any educational problems anymore. 


Turbat, September 29.