TOBA TEK SINGH-The family of an abducted girl, flanked by scores of citizens staged a protest on Gojra Road against the police failure to recover the girl and arrest the accused despite a lapse of several months.

According to police, Saba, daughter of Gohar Taj Ansari, a resident of Chamra Mandi, was allegedly kidnapped by Bilal Ahmed of Siraj Town a few months ago. The other day, when family members of Bilal were leaving their house, the relatives of Saba were informed that their daughter has allegedly been killed as the family of the accused were loading their household goods on a tractor-trolley to flee the area.

On information, the girl's family rushed after them and stopped them after catching them near railway crossing. They also started protest against the police failure to recover the girl. The protesters including the women staged a sit-in on the railway track. As the police were informed about the protest and DSP Azhar Yaqub reached the spot with a contingent of police. The police officer tried to negotiate with the protesting families but they refused to end the protest.

In the meanwhile, hundreds of citizens also gathered there to support the protesters. They closed gates of the railway crossing and blocked road for traffic. Due to the protest, rail traffic also remained suspended for two hours. Finding no way to disperse the protesters, the police finally resorted to tear gas and baton charge but the protesters retaliated with pelting the police with stones. Resultantly, two policemen and some protesters including women sustained injuries.

Talking to media, Muhammad Yasin, uncle of the abducted girl, said that an application was submitted to the Gojra City Police for registration of abduction case against the accused but siding with the accused, the police did not register any case. On the other hand, the police claimed that before submission of application, Bilal had contracted marriage with Saba who recorded her statement in the court that she was not kidnapped.