LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has said that people of Pakistan want progress, prosperity and peace and those engaged in negative politics need to mend their ways for the sake of the country and the nation.

He stated here yesterday that those creating chaos and anarchy and staging sit-ins have no concern with the problems of the people and these elements want completion of their personal agenda. That is why; these elements have set aside national interests for the sake of their personal interests.

He said that on one hand, worst enemy of Pakistan is violating line of control and working boundary, while on the other hand, unwise elements are committing enmity to the country by threatening of lockdown of Islamabad. He said that in the present circumstances, futile effort is being made to divide the nation, although, the nation needs the unity and solidarity than ever before.

The chief minister said that the announcement of sit-in and lockdown of cities is tantamount to stopping the development of the country and prosperity of the people. He said that due to chaos and negative politics, the country does not move ahead rather lagged behind. He said that those threatening of lockdown of Islamabad are afraid of speedy development of Pakistan and want to ruin the country for the achievement of their personal agenda.

He said that these defeated elements are standing alone in political field due to their negative politics and they did nothing except negative and politics of allegations during the last three and half years. It was better for those indulging in negative politics to make public service their hallmark, he added.

Shehbaz Sharif said that development projects worth billions of rupees are being executed speedily throughout the country. He said that the defeatist elements are perturbed over speedy and transparent completion of public welfare projects.

If CPEC and development projects are disturbed then the sit-in group will be responsible therefore those intending to lockdown of Islamabad should mend their ways.  He said that conscious people have earlier rejected those indulging in negative politics and will do so in future as well. He said that defeated elements should not take revenge of their failures from the masses.

The chief minister said these elements are afraid that if public welfare projects and power generation plants are completed then their politics will be buried forever. He said that those moving forward with agenda of damaging Pakistan should review their negative attitude.

He said that it will become clear in 2018 elections who has been supported by the people. He said that all have to play their role jointly for the development of the country. Darkness will be removed from the country and Pakistan will become prosperous with the completion of ongoing development projects, he added.


Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif presiding over a high level meeting on Saaf Pani project, expressed strong displeasure over the non-implementation of some decisions taken earlier about the programme despite clear instructions.

He reprimanded concerned officials on showing laxity in implementation of the decisions and directed the authorities to constitute a committee, which will fix the responsible of the negligence in this regard.  Shehbaz Sharif said that there is no justification of negligence and laxity in implementation of the decisions taken during the meeting.

He lamented that negligence was displayed in the implementation of the decisions regarding an important public welfare project. He directed to ensure implementation in letter and spirit on the decisions taken during the meeting and added that he will not tolerate such negligence in future. The Chief Minister directed to take immediate steps for the capacity building of Punjab Saaf Pani Company and said that this project will have to be forwarded without wasting time. which reviewed progress on different matters of Khadim-e-Punjab Saaf Pani Programme.

The chief minister said that Punjab government has evolved an excellent programme at a cost of billions of rupees for the provision of clean drinking water. He said that potable water will be made available to the people during next one and half years.

He said that Khadim-e-Punjab Saaf Pani Programme is a splendid project of public welfare, which directly links to the human health as polluted water becomes a source of spreading diseases.

Punjab government will protect the people against the diseases by ensuring provision of clean drinking water through implementation of Khadim-e-Punjab Saaf Pani Programme, he added. Shehbaz Sharif said that resources are a trust of the nation and Saaf Pani Programme is a project of spending resources on the people. He said that clean drinking water is basic right of every citizen which will be ensured to the people.

Chairman Punjab Saaf Pani Company South MPA Muhammad Kashif Padhiar, Chief Secretary, Additional Chief Secretary, Chairman Planning & Development, Chief Executive Office Punjab Saaf Pani Company, German Consultants and concerned officials attended the meeting whereas Provincial Minister for Housing Tanvir Aslam Malik participated the meeting through video link from Chakwal.