LAHORE - Speakers at an HNPIP seminar Tuesday called for developing consensus on national issues to cope with the challenges confronting the country.

They included former FM Sardar Aseff Ahmad Ali, ex-foreign secretary Shamshad Ahmad Khan, Dr Ijaz Butt and World Columnist Council Chairman Dilawar Ch. HNPIP Director Absar Abdul Ali moderated the sitting.

All state organs should be taken onboard while chalking out national and foreign policies, the speakers said at the seminar titled ‘US Policy of Backing India as Leader of the Region— Effect on Pakistan’.

They said that the policy makers should not ignore the role of US and India while devising foreign policy and the foreign minister should focus on it without any politics.

Sardar Aseff laid stress on national policy and developing consensus. Shamshad stressed the need for joint struggle to strengthen Pakistan politically as well as economically.

Dr Ejaz Butt said that the US wanted a “government comprising its Islamic groups”.  He laid stress on cementing ties with Iran.

Dilawar Ch said hatemongering against Pakistan is part of US Aghan policy.