PR LAHORE - All Pakistan Wapda Hydro Electric Workers Union (CBA) held a meeting of meter reading staff at Bakhtiar Labour Hall on Monday.

The meeting was presided over by All Pakistan Wapda Hydro Electric Workers Union General Secretary Khurshid Ahmed and was addressed by representatives of the union. During the meeting, the union urged the government to introduce technical and scientific reforms in meter billing to avert over toiling by imposing the condition upon Power Information Technology Centres of the distribution companies that no electricity billing to the consumers would be carried out without mobile meter reading and the electricity bills would not be charged more than one month meter reading.

The electricity bills may be distributed to electricity consumers well in time. The distribution companies should arrange SMS service for electricity consumers, so that the electricity consumers may able to know correct meter reading. The meter fixed at far height place may be brought at lower level and defective meters be got replaced with digital meters and serious shortage of the meter reading staff be replenished with the high rising of quantum of meter reading work as well as provide security to staff against lawlessness elements since the meter readers performs the hazardous nature of work.

 which had caused even tragic deaths due to electrocution occurred at Hafizabad and Wando Sub Division GEPCO Gujranwala in the previous month, they demanded. The mobile meter reading may also be introduced for the major commercial and agriculture as well as industrial consumers which carried out at present being by SDO and XEN by individual reading.

The house, by a resolution, appealed to the policy makers to introduce scientific and technical reforms in meter reading instead of introducing the proposed in criminal law to punish the meter readers. The union urged to the policy makers to listen the voice of the workers to tackle this issue scientifically instead of accusing the meter readers of overbilling in the presence of huge force of management including sub divisional officers, executive engineers, superintending engineers, chief engineers and general managers in the distribution companies.