LAHORE - Baba Harra Saein, a devoted PPP Jiyala since party’s foundation in 1967, was laid to rest at Miani Sahib graveyard on Tuesday.   

He was the last chip off the old block of diehard PPP jiyalas once known for their strong commitment with the party ideology.     “So strong was his love and loyalty with Z.A Bhutto that he could not resist chanting the slogan: “Zinda hai Bhutto zinda hai” even at Masjidul Haram while performing Haj rituals in the mid-nineties”, a veteran PPP leader Altaf Qureshi told The Nation while talking about his devotion with the party leadership.

Mr Qureshi also narrated another interesting account of Harra Saein who prevented a play ground on Waris Road from being converted into a concrete structure of buildings during second tenure of Benazir Bhutto’s government.

“Editor, Masawaat, Sajjad Bokhari wanted to construct a building for his newspaper office on a play ground owned by Evacue Trust Property Board (ETPB) and he had also convinced its then chairman Qayyum Nizami to hand over the piece of land to him. A ceremony was organized at the site to mark the formal handing over the land to the Musawaat Newspaper. Harra Saein also happened to be there. When he was invited to speak, Harra opposed the proposed conversion of the play ground into the building, saying it was meant for the children to play. In his fiery speech on that occasion, he said he would not let it happen at any cost. He also exchanged hot words with Sajjad Bokhari and Qayyum Nizami, and forced them to cancel their plan”, Qureshi said, adding that the play ground was still intact in its original form.

Until five years back, it was a common scene while standing at any city road to see Muhammad Siddique (his original name) riding a donkey cart decorated with pictures of Z.A Bhutto and her daughter Benazir Bhutto, and playing party’s revolutionary songs on audio system fitted on his cart.  

Navid Ch said that Harra Saein remained a powerful source of inspiration for at least two generations of PPP workers. 

A good number of PPP workers and leaders attended his funeral. Ch Aslam Gill, Azizur Rehman Chan, Altaf Qureshi, Navid Ch, Barrister Amir Hasan, Sohail Malik, Mian Muneer and Maani Pehlwan were prominent among others.