ATTOCK -  The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is all set to get new blood in district Attock as one of the most influential political group led by former district Nazim Major (retd) Tahir Sadiq would formally announce to join the party on November 6 at a public meeting to be addressed by Imran Khan.

Earlier, Major (retd) Sadiq had said that he has decided to join the PTI after a thorough consultation with his team’s key leaders. Major (retd) Sadiq —having an intact and strong vote bank in all five thesils, Jand, Fatehjang, Attock, Pindi Gehab and Hassanbadal —contested the previous geneal election from the platform of the PML-Q led by Chaudhrys of Gujrat.

The influential political group, which in the past won several national and provincial assemblies seats, is also in power in the district as Eman Tahir, Sadiq’s daughter, is heading the district council as chairperson. Similarly, in the Hassanabdal Municipal Committee, the chairman belong to this group and the group has over 100 UC chairmen and vice-chairmen of different union councils of the district.

The joining of the PTI by Sadiq would give a boost to the already strong vote bank of the party which would challenge the ruling PML-N in the next general election scheduled for 2018.  The PTI is going to become a dominating party on the political scenario of Attock district.

Analysis of the results of 2013 general election of three National Assembly constituencies — NA-57, NA-58 and NA-59 and five provincial assembly constituencies — PP-15, PP-16, PP-17, PP-18, and PP-19 — reveals that a neck and neck contest was observed between the PTI and the Major Group candidates and a major share of the polled votes was secured by them.

Analysis of 2013 poll results reveals that in NA- 57, PTI candidate Malik Ameen Aslam garbed 55,515 votes while Major Tahir secured 50,878 votes. In NA- 58, PTI candidate Malik Sohail had secured 60,284 votes while Major Tahir, who had also contested from the constituency, secured 58,764 votes.

In NA-59, Major Group candidate Zain Ellahi clinched 602,284 votes while PTI candidate Sardar Mohammad Ali secured 33721 votes. 

The analysis of PP-15 reveals that PTI candidate Ijaz Boukhari had secured 28,437 votes while Major Group candidate Sajid Mehmood had got 18,930 votes. In PP- 16, Major Group candidate Raza Khan had secured 25,931 votes while PTI candidate Qazi Akbar secured 18,549 votes.

In PP-17, Major Group candidate Malik Jamshaid Altaf had secured 39,622 votes while PTI candidate Mohammad Akbar Khan secured 22,747 votes.  In PP-18, PTI candidate Malik Anwer had secured 46,133 votes while Major Group candidate Malik Imant secured 30,466 votes.

Similarly, in PP- 19, Major Group candidate Manzir Ameer had secured 27,201 votes while PTI candidate Peer Abbass secured 26240 votes.

According to political pundits, if the votes polled to both the groups in the previous election were counted, after the merger, the PTI will have the upper hand against its rivals to grab the lion’s share of the votes.