Thousands of schools were destroyed in the massive earthquake of 2005. As many as 67% of the schools were destroyed the calamity. The government should try to rebuild these schools. So far only half of the schools have been rebuilt and the number is less than six thousand.  

In October 2006 after the earthquake ERRA announced that it would build 25 percent of destroyed and damaged schools. By the end of the year just 70 schools were build. By the end of three years the ERRA had completed construction of only 215 schools which is only fourth percent of their total target. 40 dollars to 45 dollars per square foot were given but there were still no water in some constructing areas.  

Among the constructors each constructor is paid 1,400 dollars per clay to bring water to the village from the nearest town. In 2010 when ERRA should have had built over 1,000 schools the budgets was shifted to newer catastrophes unfolding in Pakistan. In 2009 it was reported that president began diverting over 300 million pounds to other government project. 

I request to the government to rebuild these building as quickly as possible so children can resume their education. 


Turbat, October 20.