ISLAMABAD - The Accountability Court has decided to record statement of former premier Nawaz Sharif in Al-Azizia Steel Mills Reference today (Thursday. Sources said that a questionnaire comprising 100 questions has also been ‘handed over’ to deposed prime minister Nawaz Sharif for answering the court’s questions. A copy of the questionnaire has also been given to Special Prosecutor NAB Akram Qureshi.

However, NAB opposed provision of questionnaire to the deposed premier ahead of recording his statement in Al-Aziziya Reference. Earlier, former prime minister Nawaz appeared before the Accountability Court but was allowed to leave due to volatile situation in the city.

During the hearing, the court also dismissed the request of the prosecution to summon the Investigative Officer in the Flagship Investment Reference in the yesterday’s hearing. On this, Khawaja Harris stated that the prosecution aimed at recording all the statements within a day and announced the verdict in one night.

Meanwhile, cross-questioning with prosecutor’s witness has not completed in the Flagship Reference on Wednesday.

The defence counsel ahead of court’s hearing contended that he will not be available due to his engagements in the Supreme Court, adding the statement of Nawaz Sharif should be recorded in his presence.

On this, NAB Prosecutor Sardar Muzaffar stated that if the defence counsel did not available for cross-questioning, the court should summon the Investigative Officer. Showing surprise, the defence counsel said that it is very strange that why this case is being handled in so haste. On this, Sardar Muzaffar stated that references are being heard simultaneously on the advice of the defence counsel.

NAB Prosecutor also opposed provision of questionnaire to Nawaz Sharif ahead of recording his statement in the Al-Aziziya Reference. Sardar Muzaffar pointed out that questionnaire could not be provided to the accused ahead of recording his statement as witness could not be given questionnaire ahead of cross-questioning. “We had raised objection over giving questionnaire earlier in Avenfield Properties Reference,” said Sardar Muzaffar, adding the questionnaire was not provided to Nawaz Sharif from the court and any decision to provide questionnaire to the accused would be decided after listening to the arguments.

Meanwhile, cross-questioning with NAB key witness Wajid Zia in Flagship Corruption Reference keep continued on the eight consecutive day. Wajid Zia informed the Accountability Court that witnesses before Panama JIT stated that Gulf Steel Mills was formed in 1973-74 and 75 per cent share of Gulf Steel Mills were sold in 1978. The witnesses also disclosed before Panama JIT that remaining 25 per cent shares of Gulf Steel Mills were sold in 1980.

All the witnesses summoned in connection to Gulf Steel Mills informed the Panama JIT that 75 per cent shares of Gulf Steel Mills were sold to Abdullah Alli in 1978 and after sale of shares name of the Gulf Steel Mills was changed. Wajid Zia added that as per information sought from witnesses, Gulf Steel Mills was named as Alli Steel Mills adding that remaining 25 per cent shares of Gulf Steel Mills were also sold to Abdullah Alli in 1980.

Later the court adjourned hearing for Thursday November 1st.