Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari has said that the authorities would have to first prove that he had deposited money in fictitious bank accounts opened in the name of an ice cream vendor, rickshaw driver or a sweetmeat seller.

During an interview with a private TV channel, The PPP co-chairman said, “By and large, I have an understanding of the law. Every other day surfaces a milkman or a sweetmeat seller, and money is found in their accounts.”

“They have to first prove that I went and got an account opened, but that is not happening,” he added. Zardari said that if it is established that he got the accounts opened, then a case could be lodged against him.

He, however, the PPP co-chairman said he could still "defend" himself. “But that too I can defend telling them, ‘Yes, I deposited money in his account, it is my choice’,” Zardari said.

He further said that bank officials are at fault, when asked who was to blame if the account holder did not even have knowledge of the account being operated in his name.