ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Imran Khan came up with a strong-worded warning to those trying to make an issue out of Aasia Bibi’s acquittal by Supreme Court of Pakistan and announced that state machinery will come in action against those involved in disrupting peace.

In a brief address to nation on national hook-up Wednesday night, Prime Minister Imran also cautioned people not be driven by the propaganda and agitation of a small section of religio-political groups which was agitating against the Supreme Court verdict in the Aasia Bibi case.

Strongly reacting to the remarks used against the judges of the apex court who had handed down verdict in the case and disruption of public peace by holding protest demonstrations across the country, Premier Khan said that such moves would greatly harm the country.

Khan questioned when there were voices, though from a small segment and groups, only because the verdict was not as per their aspirations’ the country could come to a standstill.

Giving strong and clear warning to these elements, the Prime Minister said: “I caution you not to clash with state.”

“Do not test the patience of the State,” Imran Khan said and vowed to protect the lives and property of the people at all costs.

“If you continue doing this... let me make it clear to you... the state will fulfil its responsibility and protect people’s properties and lives,” he said adding, “We will not allow any vandalism [or] blockage of traffic.

“I appeal to you... do not take the state to a point where it has no option but to take action,” he concluded.

He said that after Madinah Pakistan is the only country formed in the name of Islam and obviously no law against Islam could be made here, adding that the judges of apex court had handed down verdict in the light of the constitution and law of the land.

He further said that Pakistan would become a great nation by following the golden principles of state of Medinah.

He said his government’s role model is Riasat-i-Madinah and they could not even think of deviating from Islamic injunctions and respect and sanctity of Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). “It is my belief that without the love for Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) the faith of any Muslim is incomplete,” he emphatically said.

These small religio-political groups were only doing politics on the issue and for just garnering some vote-bank they were playing with the fate of the country and cautioned the people of Pakistan not to entrap in their ploy as they were neither doing any service to Islam nor the country.

The Prime Minister said that they were struggling to bring foreign investment in the country but questioned that in these circumstances who would come here to invest. He said they were causing massive damage to the country and its economy and such disruptive activities would only hurt the poor who could not work to earn square meals for their children.

Khan condemned protesters’ remarks against judges of the superior court and the generals. Contrary to that the Army had played a heroic role in war against terror and by rendering matchless sacrifices to rid the country of the menace of terrorism.

He said Pakistan was the only country in Islamic world that vociferously raised the issue of blasphemous caricatures in Netherlands. Pakistan talked to the Dutch ambassador, raised the issue at OIC forum and also spoke at the United Nations against the blasphemy.

“Due to our successful diplomacy, European Court of Human Rights also said that blasphemy is different from freedom of expression,” the PM said.

Khan said those who were inciting the people against judges, generals and state institutions were doing disservice to the country. He said the country is already in the grip of financial crisis and the cabinet is working day and night to ameliorate the things. He said the attitude of coming to streets against the verdicts of Supreme Court that are not according to their wishes was not right.

Earlier, before his address to the nation Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa called on the Prime Minister and discussed with him the overall law and order situation particularly in the backdrop of the protests erupted in various cities following the acquittal of Aasia Bibi by the apex court.

Sources aware of the deliberations between the two confirmed that both of them were on the same page that such disruptive elements would be dealt with iron hand in case they would take law in hand.

These sources said that the upcoming visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan to China also came under discussion with special focus on fortification of relations with China in all fields.


Don’t test State’s patience, PM warns protesters