KAMALIA-PML-N leader Ch Jamil Ahmed Gujjar condemned the hike in electricity prices. Talking to the media here, he demanded that the hike in electricity prices should be withdrawn immediately as it would severely impact the poor. "The energy crisis has destroyed the economy," he said, adding "Overcharging in electricity bills has ripped apart the people's monthly budgets. All the decisions of Niazi and Co. have put the citizens in a state of mental and economic torture," he commented.

To a question, he stated that the decision to give NAB officers a government passport was revealing many secrets. "On the one hand Niazi and Co. criticises NAB, but on the other hand the NAB officials are issued official passport as a bribe," he said. He added: "The role of NAB has been revealed to the public. NAB is being used as a political weapon." "The use of NAB for political blackmailing is highly condemnable," he stated.