ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday gave go-ahead to Ministry of National Food Security and Research to develop 3 major projects for conservation of 9 million acre feet of water through lining of the watercourses across the country and laser levelling of the fields, as well as enhancement of 60,000 acres of command area of small and mini dams and water conservation in arid areas of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

Khan was chairing a meeting on water conservation at Prime Minister’s Office.

The interventions are in line with the agenda of the PTI government. The Prime Minister’s first 100 days agenda includes massive expansion in water conservation efforts through smart interventions to reduce water losses.

The project, National Programme for improvement of Watercourses in Pakistan Phase-II, will be undertaken across the country with a target of lining of over 73,000 watercourses and laser levelling of 12,110 units. It was decided that the government will subsidise laser-levellers for all the provinces with emphasis on Sindh.

The Prime Minister was informed that an un-utilised command area of around 630,000 under small dams and mini dams could be developed by scaling up pilot interventions made earlier by PARC and Agency for Barani Area Development Punjab.

The Prime Minister was informed that rain water conservation in KP required small investments in infrastructure and could be implemented through local governments. These infrastructures include construction of check dams, water retaining facilities, water storage reservoirs, spurs, water ponds and terracing etc to harness rainwater for its use in irrigation and other purposes.

Prime Minister for developing fishery sector on scientific lines

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday said that promotion of agricultural sectors including fish farming was the foremost priority of the present government. He expressed these views during a briefing here in which he was informed in detail about the current state of affairs in fish farming in the country and the potential of this sector.     

He said that the government would take all possible measures to facilitate the people related with fish farming to benefit from the potential of this sector.

He said that strengthening bilateral cooperation with China in agricultural sector and benefiting from their expertise was also part of the government’s priorities.

The prime minister was informed that fish-farming sector was completely and continuously ignored in the past and the country could not benefit from this sector which had the potential of earning billions of rupees.

He was told that promotion of shrimp-farming, catch culture and trout-farming in Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir would not only help meet the country’s food demands but would also create job opportunities for the people through this low-expense business.

The prime minister was further informed that with a large coastline of 1,100 kilometres which had huge potential of fish-farming besides utilising the vast barren and wet lands for shrimp-farming, this sector could be revolutionised.

He was told that as part of PTI government’s first 100 days agenda, a comprehensive plan was being devised to promote shrimp-farming, catch culture and trout-farming in the country.